A free trade agreement is a pact between two or more countries that eliminates tariffs and quotas on the exchange of goods and services. These agreements provide numerous benefits to participating countries, including increased efficiency. Here are some reasons why free trade agreements are likely to increase efficiency:

1. Promoting specialization: Free trade agreements allow countries to focus on producing the goods and services that they are most efficient in, while importing the rest. This specialization helps to increase efficiency because resources are optimized and used in the most productive manner.

2. Reducing costs: Tariffs and quotas increase the price of imported goods, making them less competitive in the domestic market. Free trade agreements eliminate these barriers, making it easier for countries to import and export goods. This increased competition and reduced costs can help to drive down the costs of production, which can increase efficiency.

3. Encouraging innovation: Free trade agreements can also encourage innovation by increasing competition and allowing for the creation of new products and services. This innovation can lead to increased efficiency by improving production methods and reducing costs.

4. Expanding markets: Free trade agreements allow companies to access new markets, which can lead to increased sales and profits. This increased demand can drive efficiency by increasing production and lowering costs.

5. Improving supply chains: Free trade agreements also encourage the development of efficient supply chains, which can help to reduce transportation and storage costs. This can lead to faster delivery times, improved inventory management, and a more streamlined production process.

In conclusion, free trade agreements are likely to increase efficiency because they promote specialization, reduce costs, encourage innovation, expand markets, and improve supply chains. Countries that participate in these agreements can expect to see increased productivity, improved competitiveness, and a stronger economy.